Welcome to the Book of Flowers.

This is the place where you can let your imagination run wild and free. Unfold your fantasy, plant your ideas, water them with your creativity, and watch your vision grow. Because in this book, you can be more than a gardener. Here you can create, color, name, and describe your very own flowers. Save and add them to the botanical garden for others to marvel at. Rate the creations of your fellow gardeners. Or put a smile on the faces of your friends and family by sending them floral e-postcards. So join in the fun and become part of the blooming world. Be creative and virtually proof your green thumb. And help compile the largest and most extraordinary variety of the wildest and most exotic blossoms. Ready to start? Then click on the bottom of this page to enter the green house. See you there! The Book of Flowers by www.gernbotschaft.com Sorry, you need a Flash-Player to create a flower! Visit: Get FlashPlayer!